Systems: Consulting, Development and Maintenance


  • Functional survey and documentation: Focus on understanding needs, definition of the project scope, the involved areas, the milestones and the times.  Counseling on technical resources required for implementation.


  • Taylor-made web application development. Based on consulting, applications are designed according to the client’s needs to enhance their projects.
  • Process digitalization. Transformation of complex manual processes into End to End (E2E) digital actions through software development, which translates into simplification, time optimization and error minimization.


  • Maintenance of applications and operational support: Permanent support to clients in the post-implementation stage by technical and functional teams.
  • Integration between different platforms: Development of APIs for the integration of our own systems with other existing platforms, allowing up, down and cross traceability.
  • Training: Accompanying the client in the implementation and user training. Material, courses and support.
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